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1913 - 2011 a lot has happened


The history of the Airport Lahr can be followed back to the year 1913. Before the Second World War the Airport was in discussion concerning a Zeppelin international airport, between 1945 and 1994 it was a base for the respective NATO armed forces. After the French troops withdrew in 1967 – France left the NATO – the Airport Lahr was the European headquarters for the Canadian military forces. When the Canadians decided to give up the Lahr base, it was then free for civil purposes after being used completely for the military in the past.


The following milestones
show this change in an overview

1989 Fall of the Wall, granting of a limited passenger flight license

1991 Decision of the Canadian government to give up the Lahr base completely.
1992/93 Master plan

1994 Canadian base ultimately closed. Formation of the IGZ GmbH.

1996 B-Plan “Industrial and Commercial Park Lahr” und
B-Plan “Rheinstraße Nord”
Federal government buying contract

1997 Formation of the local authorities association IGP

2001 License for a special freight Airport comes into force

2002 Framework development planning for the local authorities association area

2006 Establishment of the companies Fiege and DSV (former ABX)

2009 Establishment of Penny Logistics

2011 Set up of the development plan “Rheinstraße Süd ”

A detailled description of the airports history can be found in the historical exhibition (in German).

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